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Amanda and I have been friends for a significant amount of time (enough time that, statistically, we will remain friends for the rest of our lives. The threshold for lifelong friendships is 8 years). We met in Seattle in 2009 attending a week long camp. Our friendship grew because of this camp (we were in the same small group at camp for 4 consecutive years) and we kept in contact in the months in-between. Once we became too old for camp, we kept that friendship going and have managed to travel to visit each other fairly frequently (by fairly frequently, I mean around once or twice a year). Long distance friendships can become difficult, especially when living in different countries, but Amanda makes it easy to keep close.

This virtual book club is a way for us to spend more time ‘together’. We’ve called it Our Meeting Place because it is a way for us to keep in closer contact and do something together even though we’re separated by a significant distance.

That distance, if you’re interested, is 2,055 km (1,276.918 miles). Therefore, if we wanted to see each other on a more frequent basis, we would either have to pay a lot of money for a plane ticket, drive for 19 hrs and 14 minutes, bike for 109 hrs, or walk for 410 hrs (thanks Google Maps!).

Therefore, this is a fiscally responsible way for us to keep in closer contact and share a commonality that we both LOVE. Other loves that Amanda and I share include; icing cookies (the cookies you buy in grocery stores that are incredibly fluffy and have that thick layer of delicious icing on top), Dr. Pepper, and TV shows (Leverage, as an example).

– Kate


Hey! I’m very excited to have you enter Amanda’s and my little world of book love. I am a student at the University of Alberta (it’s in Edmonton, AB, Canada) majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Psychology. This is (hopefully) the final year of my undergraduate degree before pursuing a master’s in Speech Language Pathology (SLP).

Reading has always been a massive part of my life. There was a period of time (gap year after high school through to 3rd year of university) in which I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked. However! Last year, I received a kobo and it really helped me get back into reading more, and more frequently. Besides reading, I spend as much time as I can in the mountains; hiking, camping, and napping. I am also an avid crocheter; Amanda can attest to my inability to go for long without a new crochet project to work on.

Back to books. My favourite genre is YA fantasy. I’m currently on a dystopian kick but fantasy will always be my first love. I am looking forward to experiencing some of Amanda’s favourite books! Other genres that I really enjoy include historical fiction, and Holocaust Memoirs. I am, however, open to suggestions and willing to read just about anything.

For a positive reading experience, I require good character development, interesting settings, clever dialogue, and relatable situations. I also enjoy parts of books that make me feel inspired or empowered in some way.

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Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Either German Shepherds or Tuxedo cats.
My Weaknesses: Terrible movies and anything sweet (especially cheesecake).
My Lifelong Favorite Books: LOTR by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
My Harry Potter House: Gryffindor
Bucket List Goals: Become an SLP, road trip to Alaska, hike all the day-hikes in Banff, Jasper, and Kananaskis, and backpack across Australia.


Amanda Margaret

Hello! I am so happy to meet you and share my love of books with you! ❤️ I am an interior designer who lives in Denver, CO, USA. I have been reading my whole entire life, and have always filled my free time and summers reading! I also love being outdoors, hiking, and earning my Junior Ranger Badges at National parks, as well as exploring the city to find the perfect places to read. I am high energy, and love other people! I believe in genuinity (genuine authenticity 😜), and showing your true self, emotions, and colors. That means some days I laugh and wonder at everything, and other days I crawl into bed with tears on my face. But that’s what loving life looks like.

My favorite genre is middle-grade adventure novels and dark adult fantasy, but recently Kate has been introducing me to YA books of every type – contemporary, high fantasy, dystopian, and oh so much more. I am so lucky that I get to experience her favorite books for the first time! But, I am definitely easy to please and enjoy pretty much every genre. When I was homeschooled, I spent most of my time just reading books to learn, so I learned to love true crime books, dense history, historical fiction, biographies, and even non-fiction. In the end though, I especially love MAGIC in my books! I have been reading dragon and fairy books since I was in elementary school – maybe even before!

Things that make or break my book experiences include a broad cast of deep characters, vivid setting, and an immersive writing style.

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Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Either bunny rabbits or white tigers
My Weaknesses: New, nerdy gadgets and Dr. Pepper
My Lifelong Favorite BooksThe Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet
My Harry Potter House: HUFFLEPUFF!
Bucket List Goals: Visiting every US National Park, watching the Iditorad live, taking a train ride to see fall tree colors on the East Coast, backpack Ireland, model for one of those incredible fantasy photo shoots with the incredible costumes and magic

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