The Mime Order & The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon // Amanda // First Read Review

I often don’t like writing reviews for sequels, since obviously, they hinge so heavily on the first book, but The Bone Season series is one of my new favorite new things and I am happy to talk about them more, but no worries, I won’t give any spoilers!

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I originally picked up this series because I read Priory of the Orange Tree and I fell in love with Samantha Shannon’s writing. It really draws you into the story and is so immersive, which is the kind of writing I absolutely love. To write a little more about this series, the magic is dark, kinda ghost-based, set in an urban futuristic setting – amazing.


Holy sh*t I loved this book. I liked the first book, it was awesome actually, but with The Mime Order, we have ARRIVED.

My only criticism of the last book was that London was ridiculously cool and then we left right away, but just a PSA to the universe, The Mime Order is fully set in the dark, intrigue-filled, London.

Paige Mahoney is back in action and I LOVE her walking the streets of London and owning it. This is her place.


Started: December 2
Finished: December 12
Read Time: 6h 2m over 7 days
Average pages/h: 82.9
Most pages read in one day: 106

Image result for the song rising


Not to give any spoilers, The Song Rising involves a lot of traveling, surviving in unfamiliar environments and moving outside of Paige’s “normal,” meeting new people, finding new places, and putting yourself in danger even though everyone else wants to protect her.

This book was amazing because it completely widened the scope. This series started in an isolated society, The Mime Order in the large city of London, and now expanding throughout the UK. The worldbuilding is incredible.

I’m going to miss Paige in London so so much though, she belongs there. There is going to be a missing piece until she comes back, and I do hope she makes her home in London again.


Started: December 27
Finished: January 9
Read Time: 4h 46m over 6 days
Average pages/h: 73.2
Most pages read in one day: 118



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