The Babysitters Coven by Kate M. Williams // Amanda // First Read Review


Image result for the babysitters covenFirst in a Series // YA // Contemporary Witchery

Fun, quirky, and a little forgettable, I definitely picked up this book because of the gorgeous cover and pastel witchy aesthetic that I absolutely love.

And let me clarify, I like dark, contemporary witchy books. This one is so lighthearted it was a little hard to take seriously, though honestly, that is part of its charm. But it’s a balance, and I don’t think there was enough depth in this one.

I did enjoy my read, and it didn’t take much focus or brainpower, which is always a nice break for more heavy and dark reads which is usually all I think about. I really enjoyed the vintage fashion talk that our main character has with her best friend, and I also really enjoyed her babysitting jobs and the kind way she treats the kids under her care. Having the weight of responsibility taking care of another kid was a big deal to me in high school and it was nice to remember that.


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