Middlegame by Seanan McGuire // Amanda // First Read Review


35965482. sx318 Sci-Fi // Adult // Immersive

Hello. To die for. I’m obsessed.

But is anyone surprised since Seanan McGuire is my favorite author..? nah

Middlegame is somewhere between sci-fi, fantasy, large-scale conspiracy commentary, familial/relational drama, thriller, and mystery.

The things that were explained were very well explained, and the things that weren’t explained were brilliantly and magically left well enough alone so my imagination could play without breaking my immersion in the story and characters. I absolutely love this combination, but if you’re either into more clear-cut sci-fi or fully immersive fantasy, this might not be the book for you. Just a warning! But seriously, give it a try with this in mind, it’s absolutely incredible.

Rodger and Dodger are such well-defined characters — so well defined that they stand individually on their own and when they are apart, they fit so well together but I never even had to think about who is who. Rodger is Rodger and Dodger is Dodger, and that’s all!

I won’t say much more, because going into this blind is really the best experience ever, I did and I highly recommend it.

Here is a Tweet from Seanan McGuire herself about her content and trigger warnings: https://twitter.com/seananmcguire/status/1111030804493139970

What a seriously responsible decision from my fav author. Okay, I’ll stop now.

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