These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling // Amanda // First Read Review


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Stand-alone // YA // Contemporary Witchery

I love a book that is this easy to read, about dark magic and real-world conflict. That is absolutely the experience of reading this book!

I would say there are two main plot focuses.

First, Hannah and her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Veronica. She knows their relationship is not good, but her heart is still hanging onto what they had. She is trying to move on, but Veronica seems to put herself in every situation Hannah finds herself in. Also, Veronica is one of the only people in her life who knows about and relates to, her real-life elemental magic.

Second, there seems to be evidence of blood magic in Salem, but her coven doesn’t believe there is a blood witch. A mysterious event in her past makes her afraid of them, and she is trying to piece together what all of the different elements mean. Hannah is investigating on her own and has to decide who to rely on.

This book is incredibly easy to read and quick to fly through, so the experience was a joy. The characters were well defined and the plot really amped up in the end. If you are looking for a fun book to read on a fall afternoon all in one sitting, I recommend this one.

I especially loved Morgan, the new girl in town, who decides where her place is in Salem, rather than letting people define her place for her.

And Salem itself is interesting too. In Hannah’s world, the Salem witch trials still happened, and she deals with fake witchery, annoying tourists, and jokes about her power at every turn. But her magic is real, which means she has to decide what is important and who she can trust.


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