Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk // Amanda // First Read Review


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Stand-alone // Middle Grade // Seaside

For, me this book was all about the atmosphere. The dark, mysterious feel of the ocean filled the pages of this book, while including a deep weight in the discussion of the importance of family. I love dark, middle-grade books and this one did not disappoint.

The focus of this book is our main character, Crow, and her identity. She desperately wants to discover her past and parents, and daydreams about where she could have come from and what that means. She has been raised by Osh, one of the residents of the island where she floated onto when she was a baby. He is really a solid figure in the book who is struggling with letting Crow go to find out about her past and supporting her as her true family, knowing she doesn’t fully understand as she is yearning for something that isn’t him.

Their neighboring island has a dark past, thick with mystery and history, and Crow thinks this is where she comes from. The plot is thick with her adventure (with and without Osh’s permission to sail over) along with harrowing and nerve-racking encounters with some people on the island who supposedly shouldn’t be there.

The setting is incredible. This is a historical novel from the 1920’s, but it feels almost like this isolated island could be from any setting or any genre. The characters are thoughtful, which brings a quiet feel to the dialogue, and the tight relationship they had comes across on every page, adding a familiar and comfortable vibe.

For me it was the writing that came a little flat, moving in and out of depth and visual paragraphs so sometimes I was sunk deep in the story and others I found myself skimming. My favorite parts were those that had characters interacting together or when exploring the island or surprised me with edge of my seat action. This was an incredible book to read that made up an incredible reading experience, I would highly recommend it!

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