Last Things by Jacqueline West // Amanda // First Read Review

5-out-of-540978009. sy475 Stand-alone // YA // Contemporary Witchery

I have never really dreamed of becoming a rock star – until I read this book. I picked this one up because I really love a book about dark woods and I saw it was blurbed by Victoria Schwab. Now that I’ve read it, what she has to say about it is exactly right: “Everything I love in a book.”

Yeah. Same, V.E. Schwab.

Dark magic, mysterious woods, characters you don’t fully trust or understand, a mysterious piece of the story that is unexplained and then revealed in an incredible way. I loved every word.

It’s neat to read about an up and coming musician with an underground following of fans. It almost feels as if, as the reader, I am one of those early fans, flooding into the old bar to listen to a group that is just about to blow up.

I don’t think the Goodreads description is very accurate at all, so let me try to explain it. Our main character is Anders, up and coming hard rock guitarist and lead singer, who is balking at the fame that is peeking right around the corner. He is dating the most gorgeous girl in school, he is obsessively good at music, and his band is ready and waiting for any of his new pieces.

But this book has multiple perspectives, with a secondary character, Thea, the mysterious new girl in town. In the first few chapters, it seems like the author is setting up a stalker to this otherwise fan-surrounded character, but even from page one of her story, I could tell that there was more to it, and her additional perspective keeps up the feeling of the mysterious and unknown of our main character, Anders.

As the chapters go on, we get closer to Anders and reveal more of his story, and pull farther away from Thea though we find out about her past and story too, though it is more straightforward.

Now, I want to get into rock music and buy an electric guitar, all emotions courtesy of Last Things.

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