The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss // Amanda // First Read Review


Image result for the name of the windFirst in a series // Adult Fantasy

This is a book that needs no introduction because of the just huge amount of people who absolutely are obsessed.

It is after I read really good adult fantasy that I get my reading hangovers, and The Name of the Wind was such a solid read that I mourned my book buying ban so I wasn’t able to read the second and mourned that the third book doesn’t even have a release date so I am unable to even read that.

What an incredible read, so worth every word!

Before I started this book I knew that our main character would be telling his life story, but I didn’t know there would actually be another plot in the “present” timeline as well. The first hundred pages or so was kind of slow for me surprisingly, but as soon as Kvothe started telling his story, my excitement kicked into high gear. I was so invested in the story and nothing brought me out of my experience. His story felt personal, like he was telling it directly to the reader (probably the genius setup of his story being actually told by him) and every step of the way, his story felt genuine to his character and naturally flowed perfectly.

The pacing was another perfect part of this book, with travel separating different phases of his life, and him actually coming back to the present timeline from time to time in order take a break, which gives us as a reader a little breather from the immersive story as well.

At the end, the present-day plot picked up, and I’m actually looking forward to reading about what is happening to him at the inn as well, something I would not have expected to be enjoying the first 100 pages of the book.

One last note, Bast is absolutely 😍

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